Guide to SocialScripting


I’m making this up as I go, expect rules to bend and break.

Best thing is, is to dive in. Good luck.

An Attempt At A FAQ (AAAAFAQ)

Is there a formal syntax?

Nope, except for the following objects :-

  • author
  • title
  • licence
  • version
  • script enclosure

Author must always, always, always be at the beginning.

Example 1.


Title must always follow the escaped author name

Example 2.


Licence must be Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike, else the platform breaks. Please retain the square brackets for licence containment.

You can use the following syntax for short form licence: –

Example 3

zeroinfluencer/scriptname [BY-SA]

Versioning, a tricky thing at the best of times, but as Google Code wont offer CC-BY-SA as a licence, though I’m tempted to GPLv2 the works, but then it gets complicated, so we’ll just run with luck..

I’m kicking SocialScripts out with v0.1 for my first drafts and then I’ll mod them with incrementals with variety of steps. If you are hacking someone elses scripts, switch in your author name and reset the vesioning to v0.1 and then you increase with whatever variety of incrementals you wish. It’s your work.

Please retain with the angle brackets to denote licence.

Example 4.

zeroinfluencer/scriptname [BY-SA] <v0.1>

Now, script enclosure is important. Please retain the curly brackets for retaining you script.

zeroinfluencer/scriptname [BY-SA] <v0.1> {my crazy social script}

Other Awarkward Questions (OAQs)

When I author a piece of work, do I have to use my real name or can I use any daft handle like Satan666?

Nope, anything you want.

Which platforms do SocialScripts run on?

Most that accept a text or graphical input.

Can you make money from SocialScripts?

No idea, good luck to you though. And let me know how if you find out.

What’s with the colo(u)r syntax?

Make it look nice and the world will thank you.

What was the licence again?

Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike

Is there any restriction on script length?

Nope, but bigger scripts, although could be more powerful, will take longer to process.

Keep ’em short (Moo Cards, Tweets, Status updates) to keep ’em tight.

You use Helvetica quite a bit, any reason?

It’s a very visual font.

Have you seen the movie?



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