nulltweet v0.1

Tricky one this_first SocialScript on Twitter, walked straight into a compatability bug involving the arguably annoying, hashtags on

hashtags causing a problem, clashes with my <author>/<application> syntax.

They’ve only gone and written the code to miss use the hashtag/hashtag (sub directory, uhuh) interpretation, resulting in a retrevial error. Hopefull they will fix this after reading this post. It’s a low priority, I imagine, but it would be definitely ace to run Social Scripts off Twitter and being able to track new versions being written.

Wont hold my breath, but I liked the optimism of the error message.

Doh! We messed up. We are trying to get this fixed as soon as possible

Anyway – debug screenshots.

As seen on Twitter, URI

As seen on Twitter, public, zeroinfluencer and zeroinfluencer’s friends time

As seen on Twhirl (which is very good.)

By now you would have spotted that the TwitterTime and Twhirl both crop the script from being read, and is liekly to crash ANY system running them. Sorry about that. As you can see, I’m currently using the Twhirl client for intial SocialScripting posts, believing it was acurate on CharCounts. It is.

As you can see below, this is so.

Check for yourself, source code is below. Hopefully Twitter will pick this up at some point. Probably a scaling/throttling technique they’re trying out.

If the character string is too long then drop a few characters off” (WhoseGonnaNotice?)

Me, that’s who.

Haven’t tested it on other platforms. Feel free to copy the Social Script below and run it for yourself. Please report and further bugs in the comments below.


#zeroinfluencer/nulltweet [by-sa] <v0.1>



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