Early feedback

Over joyed with the first round of user testing on nulltweet v0.1

Critical feedback from technology and social media early adopters RobMyers and SexySEO.

(Even though neither are using a twitter client, just the web interface. How curious.)


6 Responses to “Early feedback”

  1. Rob Myers Says:

    I’m using Twitux.

    I don’t know why it says it’s the web client.

  2. zeroinfluencer Says:

    The web never lies.

  3. SexySEO Says:

    I’m using TwitterFox…………………..sometimes 🙂
    “The web never lies.” Really? 😉

  4. zeroinfluencer Says:

    Technology is the name given to things that don’t quite work properly.
    I wouldn’t lie about that.

  5. SexySEO Says:

    “don’t quite work properly” and do you know why?

  6. zeroinfluencer Says:

    no idea.
    i think the internet users, on the whole, still think form over function…

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